Wednesday, August 29, 2007

8 Random facts about me….

Was tagged a long while ago to do this… and really I had to think long and hard…….. not because I don’t know 8 facts about me but simply because I don’t think it matters much what I think about me … what seems to be more important is how others perceive you and if that agrees with what you think you are then bingo you’re giving off the right message. .. if not then hell it really doesn’t matter WHAT you think….
For example does it matter that I may think I’m really some hot woman oozing sex appeal if in truth others see me as a dork… Majority wins ….. Anyway enough said lets start.

1/I’m a nice person… that’s what I think… I hate the word nice because it conveys so little but still I think I’m nice. I’m nice because I lack the guts to really say what I want to most of the time… only because I feel its better to keep the peace than cause more fracas really its a "cowardly nice".

2/ I’m a mother to my only child who is almost a man… so he tells me and most times I doubt that I’ve done a good job raising him … but perhaps he’s yet to surprise me … ( I hope.. I hope) Most of the seeds have now been sown so really there is little more I can do...

I know I was a rebel when I was younger and I know too that I DID change I can’t believe how much and all the things I once moaned about has come home to roost and now I see the wisdom of the advice which I once so arrogantly shrugged off. .The thing is I was wild and did irresponsible stuff which btw never cuased anyone any harm and I never really got caught out and what’s more I wouldn’t change it for the world ..

Its a walk meant for when you’re younger.. when you lack fear and when you think you know a lot .Its a walk of life that moulds you.

3/ Now in my forties I almost thought I had lost the "wildness" within but just recently I shocked myself and surprised my longheld and dearest friend who claims she knows me better than I know myself … she almost gave up on me that day but wait there’s a good ending... we made up and promised that... that one would go into our memory bank for when we’re both much much old and sitting on our stoop toothlessly sipping tea… My job has been done… yes I can be a shocker…

Would I do it again ?.. absolutely the adrenalin rush was worth more than the sum worth of my life ….

5/ I love music and my taste in such is vast… I especially like silly songs which I can sing along too in the car while driving… Most times I drive alone… ( thank god)... latest one I heard is by Shaun Kingston… called beautiful girl… The lyrics is less than riveting but the tune is catchy and the accent just kills me... its sang with a strong West Indian accent which just tickles me pick… Love it!!! but its NOT an everlasting love…

6/ I’m a loner.. no doubt about that.. I spend most of time alone… but I can socialise when I need to and can let my hair down if I really must.

7/ I’m a stickler for neatness and cleanliness and drive both my son and husband crazy .. I believe this is a sick trait of mine but one I can’t seem to shake off..

“so who cares if the beds are made its too beautiful a day not to go out NOW.. and just enjoy “… something some one once told me.. of course I made the beds first. See I’m a hopeless case… If I didn’t that would have bothered me all the time.

8/ Last but not least… I wish I could either sing or dance or both … its an expression I sadly lack but desire .

ps :I hate blogger I tried 10 times to change all the font so that its all the same... failed.. URG!!!!!